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Are you interested in installing a skylight in your home? The dedicated team at Midwest Regional Construction are highly skilled in skylight installations for both existing structures, and when combined with a new roof installation. Let us bring a little light into your life! Together, we will go through the process from start to finish so you can fully understand the service.

If you are unsure whether your home is right for a skylight, just give us a call at 715-544-5939! We will come out to examine the space and discuss your options. Our estimates are always FREE! Contact us today for additional details or to schedule your next service.

What Can a Skylight Do for You?

Skylights are an affordable option to rejuvenate your home and allow natural sunlight to brighten up any space. Skylights can provide up to 30% more light in a room than your average window. This kind of improvement really adds up in energy savings. The benefits of having a skylight that provides refreshing light and vitamin D can far outweigh the costs.

Previously, skylights could not be added to homes where the roof's slope was too steep. Now, skylights come with flashing kits that allow us to install skylights no matter the slope. These skylights are made for use with asphalt shingles. There are additional costs for skylights installed on roofs made of another type of material.

Your skylight should come with UV protection and insulated glass. You can opt for a skylight with a vent that opens manually via a hand crank, or a venting skylight that uses remote control to open and close, complete with a rain sensor. You can also install mini-blinds on your skylight that are operated by either hand crank or remote.

Determine If a Skylight Makes Sense for You and Your Home

  • Do trusses frame the roof? If so, consider if there is enough room for the skylight. If you need to go bigger than what the trusses will accommodate, you will need a structural engineer to design an alternate framing method
  • Is there any plumbing, wiring, or HVAC equipment in the attic that could be in the way of the skylight?
  • Is a chase necessary? A chase is a framed, drywalled, and painted pathway from the skylight to the room below. This throughway is usually installed in an attic and is not necessary if you have cathedral ceilings

Trust in Our Experts for Your Skylight Project

At Midwest Regional Construction, we bring over 20 years of experience to every single job we take on. Our experts in roof lighting solutions want you to be completely satisfied with your skylight. That's why we stand by our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our work will always meet or surpass industry standards.
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